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"Nakano-sensei learned really early traditional style of judo. He brings us back to basics and tweaks things so it is a little more correct. He gives a lot of one-on-one attention, so if you have a question he knows the answer. He’s gonna help you and every time he sees you make the same mistake, he will fix it and remind you."         


 -Marti Malloy, 2012 London Olympic Medalist

Why Private Lessons?

1. Techniques will be presented in a carefully pre-determined sequence that will most efficiently develop your reflexes and build your confidence.

2. The pace of instruction will be according to your skills and needs, so you will not feel confused or overwhelmed.

3. Sensei Nakano is your partner for every technique, so you can physically feel all of your movements and receive instant feedback on every detail.

4. Each lesson will help you make strategies for your matches.

5. Judo is still an evolving martial art. With Sensei Nakano you can be assured that your Judo instruction will be grounded in the latest thinking from Japan and around the world.

6. Private lessons allow for a level of exploration that is not possible in a club. Now you have the opportunity to dig into your biggest Judo frustrations and learn appropriate solutions.

7. Private lessons offer maximum flexibility with training available daytime, weekdays, and weekends.

8. Together with Sensei Nakano you will design a lesson plan that meets your specific goals.

9. Japanese Judo is considered one of the most effective Judo style. It is best learned in a one on one environment similar to what is available only in Japan.

10. Sensei Nakano’s passion for Judo is only matched by his professionalism and respect for each of his students.

All private lessons must be scheduleded beforehand by contacting the academy.

The Nakano Judo Program on Different Sta
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