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Judo Fundamentals
(Ages 5 to 6)

​Program Goals:

  • Develop physical and motor skills.

  • Enhance balance, flexibility, and coordination.

  • Receive concussion safety training.

  • Foster discipline, respect, and self-confidence through traditional Judo etiquette and philosophy.

About Class:

Kids Judo is a fantastic way for your child to build essential physical, motor, and social skills while having fun! Young children naturally explore the world through movement, and as they grow, they develop these skills. Participating in Judo offers a safe and supportive environment for them to enhance their balance, flexibility, and coordination. Our Kids Judo class focuses on teaching fundamental movements of traditional Japanese Judo. This includes learning how to fall safely, reducing the risk of injury. By instilling these protective instincts at a young age, we help ensure the safety of our young students throughout their lives.

Fundamentals & Olympic Techniques
(Ages 7 to 12)

​Program Goals:

  • Learn fundamental and traditional Japanese Judo techniques.

  • Develop discipline, respect, and self-confidence through Judo's traditional etiquette and philosophy.

  • Overcome unhealthy habits.

  • Receive concussion safety training.

  • Get the opportunity to participate in local and national competitions.

About Class:

In our Juniors Judo program, students will learn traditional Japanese Judo fundamentals and techniques. They'll also have the chance to compete locally and nationally. Beyond the sport, our program emphasizes traditional etiquette and Judo philosophy, instilling values like manners, discipline, respect, and honor. Many students in this class experience improvements in self-esteem and efficacy thanks to our supportive and nurturing environment.

Adults All Technique Progressions
(Ages 13 and Up)

​Program Goals:

  • Physical and Basic Judo drills.

  • Learn clean/ traditional Japanese Judo.

  • Overcome unhealthy habits.

  • Better mental health and stress relief.

  • Participate in local and national competitions.

  • Start a new journey in your life to relieve boredom.

About Class:

The Adult class is designed for all levels. The adult classes introduce basic Judo exercises and drills for both standing and ground techniques, and learn traditional Japanese Judo fundamentals. In addition to physical and technical skills, the Advanced Adult Judo class focuses on highly competitive Judo techniques, effective at the national and international levels, and improving students’ mental strength and emotional control before, during, and after competitions.

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Women's Judo
(Ages 13 and up)

Women aged 13 and up who are interested in Judo are encouraged to join the adults fundamentals & progressions class. This class focuses on exercises, judo drills and fundamental Judo principles and techniques, building a strong foundation for progress in the sport. It also allows students to pursue personal goals like improving general health, emotional well-being, and self-defense skills. The class provides a structured yet positive and supportive environment where students can ask questions and tailor their training at their own pace.

The Fundamentals of Judo.jpg

Adults Fundamentals & Progressions
(Ages 13 and Up)

​Program Goals:

  • Lean Fundamental knowledge and skills of Judo.

  • Transform your skills and leave a lasting impact on your Judo journey, advancing from novice to expert.

  • Introduce to basic moves, positions, and the fundamentals of Judo.

  • Gain a variety of standing/ground techniques.

  • Experience clean/ traditional Japanese Judo.

  • Acquire effective takedowns for BJJ/Wrestling.

  • Women-friendly.

About Class:

This class is strongly encouraged for new students! Those in search of learning new techniques, abandoning bad habits, or simply witnessing clean Japanese Judo are welcome to join this class. Born and raised in Japan, Nakano Sensei brings the purest and most effective form of Japanese Judo to the Bay Area. Appropriate for Judoka of all levels, the adults fundamentals & progressions class focuses on exercises, judo drills and the minute details of a variety of Judo techniques. In order to create the most effective learning environment possible, questions, comments, and dialogue are strongly encouraged from all participants. 

Agility & Conditioning
(Ages 7-12)

​Program Objectives

  • Enhance strength and endurance.

  • Prepare for upcoming competitions.

  • Improve overall health and fitness.

About Class:

In addition to effective technical skills, strength and conditioning is vital to the success of a judo competitor. In our strength and conditioning class, students are guided through a series of exercises specifically designed to enhance one’s strength and endurance in judo competition. This class also provides non-competitor students an opportunity to improve balance, coordination, and overall physical fitness. 

Strength and Conditioning
(Ages 13 and Up)

​Program Objectives

  • To get in shape.

  • Improve strength and condition.

  • Learn drills and exercises specific to judo techniques.

  • Improve overall health and fitness.

About Class:

In this program students acquire skills for drilling motor movement specific to improving judo techniques. Students will also gain overall strength and conditioning.


All Level Judo
(Ages 5 and Up)

​Program Objectives

  • Learn Fundamental and traditional Japanese Judo techniques.

  • Receive Concussion safety training.

  • Workout and explore Judo with your family.

About Class:

The only thing better than having an enjoyable experience is sharing the experience with your family and friends. The All Level Judo class provides students this opportunity to share their Judo experiences with their fellow family and friend Judokas. Students of all levels are encouraged to join us every Saturday for the All Level Judo class.

Competition Training

​Program Objectives

  • Prepare for judo competition.

  • Increase training session intensity.

  • Longer and more frequent rounds. 

  • More opportunity to practice.

  • Live feedback from instructor.

  • Increase endurance.

About Class:

\Randori is free practice, otherwise known in other combat sports as free sparring. This program is focused randori only, providing students with opportunities to practice techniques from daily training programs and improve their competition endurance.

Nakano Judo Academy Open Mat

Open Mat
(Ages 13 and Up)

​Program Objectives

  • Refine your techniques.

  • Learn from more experienced Judo practitioners.

  • Workout and explore Judo with your peers.

Enrolled students are encouraged to take advantage of open mat sessions after evening classes until 9 pm. During open mat, students are welcome to train on their own or with other students. Although no formal instruction will be provided, Nakano Sensei will be available to answer any questions.

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