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The Nakano Judo Academy was established with the goal of bringing up world class Judo players in America. The primary challenge in combat sport competition is to be able to recognize when to initiate a particular technique and then be able to execute very complex movements in only a matter of seconds. For the Judo student the acquisition of new techniques is a slow and deliberate effort requiring great attention to detail. Once the student has acquired a mental understanding of a technique they then drill to program the movements into muscle memory.


The existing literature and general knowledge does a good job of describing standard judo techniques. However students who rely completely on such resources in absence of corrective feedback from a competent instructor are at a great disadvantage. In the worst case the student learns a technique incorrectly and then has difficulty training out of these “bad habits” when they discover what they are doing is not effective. Throughout the entire lifespan of a Judo student it is critically important to receive direct and pointed feedback from experienced instructors. For the elite Judo student that wants to compete against international competition this is a requirement.

The Nakano Judo Academy staff offers years of elite level competition and coaching experience. 

Becoming a better Judoka



Shintaro Nakano is a KODOKAN 5th Dan Black Belt born in Miyazaki, Japan. He started his Judo career at the age of five and learned from the beginning the traditional beliefs and values of Judo. He graduated from Chuo University in Tokyo, Japan. Prior to coming to the U.S., he was 8-time Japan National Team member where he competed and trained with the best in the world.


He was Judo Coach at San Jose State University, the premier North American college for Judo. He has supported the team to back to back National Collegiate Judo Championships in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. Additionally, he has coached Marti Malloy supporting her bronze medal win at the 2012 London Olympics and silver medal win at the 2013 World Judo Championships.

"I like to go and coach young people because I can pass along what I know and experienced."



Member of the Japanese National team from 1998 to 2008


2007: 5th All Japan Kodokan Cup 66 kg

2007: 3rd All Japan Industrial Championships 66 kg

2006: 5th All Japan Kodokan Cup 66 kg

2006: 2nd All Japan Industrial Championships 66 kg

2004: 1st All Japan Industrial Championships 60 kg

2004: 1st U.S Open 60 kg

2003: 2nd All Japan Industrial Championships 60kg

2002: 3rd Japan College National Championships 60 kg

2002: 2nd Tokyo Collegiate Tournament 60 kg

2001: 3rd All Japan Kodokan Cup 60 kg

2000: 3rd Japan College National Championships 60kg

2000: 2nd Tokyo Collegiate Tournament 60 kg

1999: 1st Japan Junior National Championships 60kg

1999: 5th Russia International Tournament 60 kg

1998: 1st Kyushu Championships 60kg

1997: 1st Kyushu Championships 60kg

1994: 1st Italy Junior International Tournament 60 kg

Shintaro Nakano Judo Clinics

He has conducted over 50 seminars/clinics in San Jose, San Francisco, Sacramento,

Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Boise, Chicago, Detroit, Denver, Honolulu, Hilo, Montreal, and Quebec, to name a few.


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