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Women’s Judo Program
(Ages 13 and up)

​Program Objectives

  • Introduction to fundamental knowledge and skills of judo.

  • Physical and basic judo exercises.

  • Self-defense applications.

  • Preparation for regular classes.

  • Develop a healthy life style and emotional well-being.

This class is designed for beginners with little or no experience. The women's program will focus on exercising basic judo principles and techniques aimed at establishing a good foundation for advancement in the sport or to pursue the students personal goals such as general health and emotional well-being. This class will have a casual structure, emphasizing a positive and supportive environment. Students will be encouraged to ask questions and set the pace of their own training. No competitive training or sparring will be available. This class will be personally taught by Nakano Judo Academy head instructor, Shintaro Nakano.

*This special class is offered for $25 each session, and free to current academy members.

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