Parent and Child (Ages 2 to 5)

By Appointment Only

​Program Objectives

  • Develop physical and motor skills.

  • Improve balance, flexibility and coordination.

  • Workout and explore judo with parents.

The goal of this class is to develop a positive perception for physical activity by linking play and exercise with parents. Alongside parents, the toddlers will learn engaging judo exercises designed to improve physical ability and coordination. Furthermore, the toddlers will be introduced to “Ukemi,” a falling technique designed to protect the head and reduce the risk of injury. Exposure to Ukemi at an early age will provide the framework to learn and make this falling technique instinctual as the child continues to grow.

Judo Modified for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

By Appointment Only

​Program Objectives

  • Introduction to a variety of standing techniques.

  • Specialty transitions into BJJ techniques.

  • Improve speed and precision of ground technique execution.

In this program students will practice standing work that focuses on ground transitions that puts a competitor in the best position possible for executing submission techniques - as opposed to hunting for point wins. We will introduce time pressure as part of the training to improve speed and accuracy of submission techniques, while employing high impact throwing technique to create opportunities by stunning an opponent and delaying their defensive posture.

The Judo Teen Leadership Committee (JTLC)

​Program Objectives

  • Cultivate Leadership Skills​.

  • Boost Self-Motivation​.

  • Practice Social Skills​.

  • Build Self-Confidence​.

  • Learn and implement leadership skills​.

The goal of the Judo Teen Leadership Committee (JTLC) is to bring together passionate and dedicated students in sharing judo while serving the community, and learning to be exemplary judoka.

The JTLC is open to high school students who regularly attend the Nakano Judo Academy. Members are selected based on their dedication and commitment to judo along with their ability to be model members of their community. In addition to these qualities, the JTLC seeks leaders who are open to new ideas and willing to use their communication skills to share the culture of judo.​

JTLC members will plan events and complete projects to improve their community and increase awareness of judo activities and the merits of good judoka. These may include participating in fundraising events, organizing outreach activities at local and national tournaments, and volunteering in special events at Nakano Judo Academy.​

Nakano Judo Academy, LLC will issue a certificate of volunteer activities such as assisting kids programs for college applications if necessary.