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San Jose Judo Summer Camp

2022 Summer Camp Schedule 7/25-7/29

Note: Registration will close as soon as the available 15 seats have been reserved.

Nakano Judo Summer Camps registration is now available for kids ages 7 to 13!

At Nakano Judo Summer Camp your child will participate in active sports-specific skill development, enjoy fitness games, educational activities like Japanese lessons, and creating friendships! Please pack lunches for your campers since only snacks and water will be provided.

High school teens ages 14 to 18 are encouraged to volunteer as camp leaders to receive Community Service Hours for their graduation requirements.

Please email  and provide us with your children’s names. We will send you an email confirmation once the minimum camper amount has been fulfilled to validate the camp will be held.

Let’s have a great summer together!

2019 Nakano Competition Training Program Series

Nakano Academy clinics are a series of quarterly clinics designed to reinforce judo technique fundamentals and foundation to enhance performance in a competitive environment.

  • All sessions cover variety of advanced techniques that students can learn and build into their competition strategy

  • Each session reviews Judo fundamentals to improve overall form and execution.

  • Each session is designed to build upon the prior quarter’s training.

  • All sessions are scheduled prior to state, national and international competitions.


The clinics are not for reviewing technique fundamentals. Students are expected to know how to perform throws or moves by name as instructed.


Targeted for Competitors and those who seek to improve their judo technique.

Rank – orange belts and above

Age – 10 and above


Below are the dates.

December 15th

Fundamental: Kansetsu-waza

Review: Kumikata, Ashi-waza, Ne-waza, Choke

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