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The Academy offers a complete Judo program that follows the tradition of Japanese Judo. The program includes daily classes, technical sessions, and strength and conditioning exercises, which help students to strengthen both their mind and body.


Improve mental strength, manner, respect, discipline, fairness, patience, modesty, courage and power of concentration at daily classes.


Learning new techniques, weed out bad habits, or observe pure and effective Japanese Judo at daily classes and technical classes.


Develop physical strength and motor skills. Improve balance, flexibility, coordination, endurance at daily classes and conditioning & strength classes.

Three Key Characteristics of a Successfu

Discover the World of Judo at Nakano Judo Academy!


Judo, an international sport born in Japan, is an Olympic sport with 40 million+ practitioners in 200+ countries, stands out for its focus on throws and ground-based submissions. We offer programs for all ages who want to enhance fitness, strengthen your mind, and embrace a stress-free life through Judo training. Immerse yourself in martial arts at the Nakano Judo Academy.

Why Choose Nakano Judo Academy?


Our academy offers experienced coaches with impressive competitive backgrounds in Judo. We offer classes for all ages, including kids, juniors, and adults, five days a week. We warmly welcome beginners, providing dedicated programs to introduce you to Judo's world. Our offerings encompass daily classes, summer camps, year-round clinics, and the thrilling Japan Judo Tour Camp.

Explore Beyond the Gi


Additionally, we offer no-gi lessons once a month so that students can learn Judo mechanics and self-defense techniques without a traditional Judo uniform. 

Judo: Education for Life

Judo goes beyond sport; it's a lifelong education. We believe it molds children into the best version of themselves. Our educational and enjoyable training programs at Nakano Judo Academy promise a remarkable journey. Let us lead you and your children through it, and we're certain you'll fall in love with Judo.

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daily programs

Classes are scheduled daily. Nakano Academy students are encouraged to participate in as many classes as they like.

Private lessons

Private lessons provide students with opportunities to refine their skills or accelerate their training and development. 

Camps and clinics

We offer summer camp, and clinics that offer focused training and technical instruction to prepare students for competition.

hawaii judo

Participants will learn about Judo history in Hawaii on a fully guided tour and establish a judo athletic exchange program


The Japan Study Camp & Tour was founded to deliver a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Japan - the birthplace of Judo

Shintaro Nakano brings to SJSU Judo the Japanese version of Judo, which is a little bit different in that they do a lot of execution on a move with speed. He moves fast and he throws all our big guys, so of course they are just amazed that he could do this. But he is showing us what true judo looks like.”                                                                                                                  

-Yoshihiro Uchida, America’s first Olympic Judo Coach



Judo uniforms (Judo-Gi) will be provided or come with t-shirt and long pants. You are going to love Judo.


2072 El Camino Real Santa Clara, CA 

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